About NLdigital

NLdigital is the trade association for ICT and telecom companies in the Netherlands. NLdigital represents the industry’s interests in dealing with the government and political world. More than 625 ICT companies in the Netherlands are members. Our members range from multinationals to SME’s, from all segments of the industry, making us the foremost advocate and representative of the Dutch digital sector.


NLdigital’s mission is to apply its expertise and knowledge for the purpose of providing the highest possible quality service and opportunities to its members in the ICT sector, and help them make the right decisions in delivering commercial solutions and achieving growth and profitability.

NLdigital is active in the area of market promotion, advocacy and individual services, for example in the legal domain. Furthermore our members profit from financial benefits and an extensive network platform.


NLdigital offers many services to its members in order to help them with their business. Of these services we would like to point out the following:

  • Werkgeversvereniging ICT (the ICT employer association)

    Our employer association looks after the interests of, provides to and serves as an information desk for its members. Werkgeversvereniging ICT is responsible for the collective agreement (CAO) for the Information, Communication and Office Technology sector and the associated Business Sector pension fund.


NLdigital represents more than 625 companies in the Netherlands. Please click here for an overview of all our members.


For more information, please contact us on (+31) 348 – 49 36 36 or email.