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We are a development first e-commerce agency helping brands, wholesalers and (r)e-tailers to create a sophisticated e-commerce strategy.

We've developed the Interlayer platform so you can adapt to future changes and easily connect your current IT environment.

Works besides any PIM & e-commerce platform Interlayer is designed to be a star at handling 'Hot Data' like offers, orders, shipments etc. And lets you manage things like product content with your PIM and checkout by your e-commerce platform.


"A fast and flexible B2B shop with a B2C experience"

Staples Benelux - supplier of office supplies, electronics and more - recently made the move to a brand new Shopware webshop. After a takeover and renewed strategy, the ambition for the future also came: to enable business customers to excel in their work without any worries. Important wishes were offering a B2C experience, links with systems to support the business and opportunities for growth in the future.

To realize the new webshop, Staples worked together with implementation partner Originem.io. With the help of their knowledge and experience, the new shop was built step by step and systems linked via Originem's Interlayer.cloud middleware. The result is a fresh webshop with a B2C look and feel, up-to-date product content, an intelligent search function and a steadily growing number of orders. Shopware's speed, scalability and flexibility match Staples' great ambitions for the future, which include expansion of the range, a B2B/partner platform and a shop in Belgium.


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  • Retail – Groothandel
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